Captain America Used Thor’s Hammer To Kill The Vampire Avengers

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Captain America used one version of Thor's hammer to eradicate an army of vampires and save the world.

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Long before Captain America was worthy enough to wield Thor’s hammer to battle Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, comic book Steve Rogers found himself worthy to battle a different kind of evil. With his base overrun and powerful members of his team turned into bloodsucking vampires, Captain America had to think fast and used the hammer of a Thor knock-off to teleport the entire base to the Middle East, where the desert sun made short work of the creatures of the night, superpowered or not.

In the Marvel Ultimate universe, Captain America is the leader of the super team the Ultimates. They acted as the world’s peacekeeping superhero team, while the Avengers were actually a black ops team lead by Nick Fury to take on the missions that were too gruesome for the Ultimates. In Ultimate Comics Avengers 3, by Mark Millar with art by Steve Dillon, the sudden disappearance of superhumans lead the Avengers to cross paths with the vampire hunter Blade, where they collectively discover a plan to turn the world’s superheroes into vampires in order to take over humanity. After the new Daredevil and Nerd Hulk are turned, a massive vampire army attempts to besiege the Triskelion, the Ultimates’ primary base of operations and prison for illegal metahuman criminals.

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Although he was already bitten by Daredevil and marched alongside the vampires, Steve Rogers’ moral code was strong enough to break from his vampiric urges and his super-soldier immune system helped return him to his human state. Realizing that the vampires were winning – having captured Nick Fury and overcome the Triskelion – Steve Rogers saw the abandoned hammer of Perun, basically the Russian Thor, who had been killed by the vampire Hulk. Steve Rogers grabbed Perun’s hammer and got everyone’s attention by accessing its powers to teleport the entire Triskelion and its inhabitants to Iran. With the vampires disintegrating into dust because of the sunlight, Captain America executes Hulk with a burning headshot while all the remaining survivors compliment Steve Rogers on his quick thinking, even if it did eventually create a diplomatic incident as a result.

Overlooking the fact that Captain America’s super-soldier serum made him strong enough to recover from vampirism, the real impressive action is that Steve had less than a second to formulate his successful plan. His base of operations was going the way of the Alamo and the vampires looked like they had won. Perun’s short time in the Avengers had established that whatever Thor could do, his weapons and abilities could replicate. Proving he was worthy even in this universe, Captain America used his hammer and teleported the entire place somewhere where the vampires didn’t prepare for, a location where they were left vulnerable to their primary weakness: sunlight.

The surviving heroes took a moment to breathe and Captain America is further hailed as a hero when he reveals he came up with the plan in less than a second. Although the Triskelion’s new location would become a political nightmare later, Captain America‘s quick thinking not only saved the world but proved that he would have made a great vampire hunter. Fans can only hope Blade took some notes to help with his day job.



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