Aquaman Once Busted a Drug Smuggling Dolphin

In this Silver Age Aquaman story, the Protector of the Deep must track down a drug smuggling dolphin gang - yes, you read that correctly.

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Aquaman is one of the most iconic DC characters, with the King of Atlantis being one of the most instantly recognizable members of the Justice League. As the King of Atlantis, Aquaman is typically tasked with protecting the sea from certain land-based dangers, some more well-known stories see Aquaman calming the Atlantians against taking revenge on humanity. However, due to his lengthy existence in the comic universe, Aquaman has found himself in some strange circumstances over the years.

One of the strangest circumstances came in Adventure Comics #443, in which Aquaman found himself up against one of the slipperiest drug smugglers in comic book history. The comic book starts with Aquaman diving into the water after seeing a ship attacking a dolphin. The King of Atlantis defends the dolphin from the attackers, only to soon realize that the ship was owned by Interpol.

One of the Interpol officers soon tells Aquaman the “‘’innocent animal’ has just entered the country with five million francs worth of heroin”. It turns out that a local smuggling ring has been using dolphins to smuggle drugs into France. This piques Aquaman’s interest and the Protector of the Deep beings investigating the mysterious smuggling operation.

After an investigation, Aquaman soon tracks down the gang committing the smuggling. However, while Aquaman defeats a few thugs, the leader of the operation reveals himself – the Fisherman. The villain wraps Aquaman in some fishing wire before knocking the Aquatic Ace unconscious. The Fisherman appears to take a leaf out of a Bond villain’s book, for rather than killing Aquaman instantly the villain locks him in a vacuum room, declaring “not even a man who can breathe air and water can hope to survive — in a vacuum!” The Fisherman then leaves the room, allowing Aquaman to call forth the creatures of the deep to help him escape from the vacuum. After making his escape, Aquaman then chases down the Fisherman and, as the villain attempts to escape in a helicopter, Aquaman throws an anchor at the aircraft, bringing it crashing down to Earth and allowing the Fisherman to be arrested by the local police.

This tale is a classic of the Silver Age of Comics, giving a campy, light-hearted take on an iconic comic book character. While this is hardly as gripping as an episode of Narcos, it is certainly one of the most inventive Aquaman stories, showing the King of the Seven Seas acting as an aquatic border officer.


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